About Us


This club was formed in 1979 with limited geographical boundaries. As of 1991, this club became incorporated with unlimited boundaries. We have members from Western Wisconsin and throughout the state of
Minnesota. This club consists of 5 Directors, Secretary, Treasurer, and Historian. In 1991 we started selecting a Northern Minnesota Draft Horse Queen to represent our club at County Fairs and other horse related events.

Newsletters are sent out four times annually, and three events are held each year. Our annual dinner meeting is held the fourth Sunday of February. Each fourth Sunday in June we hold a potluck picnic hosted at one of the member’s home. Our biggest event of the year is our annual Field Day demonstration and exhibition. This is held the fourth Saturday of September and is hosted at a member’s home with ample acreage. This Field Day is a non-competitive event. This is for public viewing and has been hosted in many parts of Minnesota and Wisconsin. In 1989 one of the biggest attractions that got started with our Field Day was the raffling off of a draft horse foal. Teamsters usually plow the field, but other pieces of horse drawn equipment are demonstrated along with some thrashing.

The purpose of our club is to promote and preserve the draft horse. Our club members do different things with their horses. Some use their draft horses for hay and sleigh rides, while others use theirs for their own pleasure, while others use them for commercial use. Quite a few members show their horses at Fairs in halter and hitch classes. Several members like to get involved in the breeding service to continue the fine line of draft horse breeds. A few of our fine folks like to have the draft horses in the pasture to look at. Whatever the reason, we love our draft horses and mules. This club is open to mule lovers also.

This club is open to anyone, even non-horse owners.

About Picture 2Our annual dues are $5.00 per year, with first year dues at $10.00. Our fiscal year goes from February to February.

If you are interested in joining our club, request a membership information sheet from the club Secretary or Treasurer or click here to begin your registration process on-line.

Thank you for your interest!